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DIET offers M.Tech and B.Tech programmes. Students may choose from any of these programmes and graduate with the B.Tech degree. All programmes are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India and Affiliated to Uttarakhand Technical University, DehraDun.

Master of Engineering (M.Tech) Intake
Computer Science & Engineering 18
Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) Intake
Computer Science & Engineering 60
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 60
Electronics & Communication Engineering 60
Mechanical Engineering 60
Civil Engineering 60


Polytechnic Diploma Intake
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 60
Diploma in Civil Engineering 60
Diploma in Automobile Engineering 60
Diploma in Electrical Engineering 60
Duration :- 3 years.
Eligibility :- 10th Class.

Electronics Engineering
Electronics Engineering is an Engineering discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, or equipment. Electronics engineers typically possess an academic degree with a major in Electronic Engineering. The duration of course for this degree is four years and on completion 'Bachelor of Engineering' degree is awarded.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. Electrical engineers possess an academic degree with a major in Electrical Engineering. The duration of course for this degree is four years and on completion 'Bachelor of Engineering' degree is awarded.

Computer Science & Engineering
Computer science or computing science (sometimes abbreviated CS) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation, and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. It is frequently described as the systematic study of algorithmic processes that creates, describes, and transforms information. Computer science has many subfields; such as computer graphics, emphasize the computation of specific results, while others, such as computational complexity theory, study the properties of computational problems. Still others focus on the challenges in implementing computations.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that was developed from the application of principles from physics and materials science. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it is the branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power and the design, production, and use of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest Engineering disciplines.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is a Professional Engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Municipal or Urban Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Materials Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Surveying and Construction Engineering. Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the Public Sector ranging from Municipal to Federal levels, and in the Private Sector ranging from individual homeowners to international companies.